Panel on “Translating CRISPR research to societal uses”


This week I moderated a panel at UC Davis as a part of the CRISPR Technology: Responsible Discourse about Science & Bioethics symposium at UC Davis hosted by the UC North Bioethics Collaboratory.

Speakers included Alta Charo (University of Wisconsin), Jacob CornŸ (Innovative Genomics Initiative), Hank Greely (Stanford University), Ben HurlbutŸ (Arizona State University), Eben Kirksey (University of New South Wales), Paul Knoepfler(ŸUC Davis), Meaghan O’Keefe (ŸUC Davis), Sarah PerraultŸ (UC Davis), Ken Taymor(UC Berkeley), Patricia Williams (Columbia University) and Michael J. Zerbe (York College of Pennsylvania).