New Algorithms in Culture Research at UC Berkeley

My Center has just received received both an Institute of International Studies (IIS) grant and a Social Science Matrix Award to support a new research program in Algorithms in Culture. A foundational concept in computer science, algorithms – loosely defined as a set of rules to direct the behavior of machines or humans – have shaped infrastructures, practices, and daily lives around the world.  The CSTMS interdisciplinary working group supported by both grants will be led by core faculty members Massimo Mazzotti (History), David Bates (Rhetoric), Caitlin Rosenthal (History), and Jenna Burrell (Information School), David Bamman (Information School), Marion Fourcade (Sociology), Gretchen Gano (CSTMS Associate Director of Research), and Morgan G. Ames (CSTMS Postdoctoral scholar). CSTMS will host an Algorithms in Culture Conference on December 1-2nd, 2016. We will be working on two journal special issues as well.