ECAST panel accepted for AAAS 2017 Annual Meeting: Serving Society Through Science Policy

This coming February in Boston, members of the Expert and Citizen Assessment of Science and Technology network (ECAST) will have a double session at the AAAS 2017 Annual meeting to talk about recent work extending the model for technology assessment to include broader public participation. Here’s a preview of the session and our invited speakers:

Adding the Citizen Voice:  Participatory Socio-Scientific Policy-Making

This session will focus on the practice and growth of participatory citizen policymaking, globally and increasingly in the US policy landscape. This method engages representative groups of everyday citizens, reflecting diverse and complementary societal perspectives, in considering and making substantive recommendations about policy-relevant issues that lie at the intersection of science and society to inform the development of public policies. A panel representing international practitioners working with the United Nations, US organizers, and the US government policy client perspective will present motivations, methods, tools, and results from selected local, national, and global citizen consultations on a variety of issues such as climate and energy policy, asteroid detection and defense, and nuclear waste siting. Presentations will address issues and considerations pertaining to the design and implementation of these citizen consultation, including: the translation and presentation of complex scientific and policy information for lay participant groups, the formulation of relevant and usable questions for citizen deliberation, transmission of participant recommendations to governmental authority, and interpretation and dissemination of outcomes and results. After learning about a range of previous ongoing models, attendees will brainstorm and recommend strategies, challenges, and opportunities for increasing the citizen voice in socio-scientific policymaking.



Darlene Cavalier

SciStarter, Discover Magazine, and Astronomy Magazine


David Sittenfeld

Manager, Forum Programs, Museum of Science


Gretchen Gano

Associate Director of Research University of California, Berkeley


 Amy Kaminski

Senior Policy Advisor, Office of the Chief Scientist, NASA


Title: A Citizen Forum Case Study from the US Governmental Client Perspective

Talk Description: This talk will describe the motivations and present outcomes from the US governmental agency client perspective for a recent national-scale participatory citizen consultation activity. A senior policy advisor who engaged the network to design and implement two citizen forums for public input will share her perspective and reflections on the process and recommend future directions.



Yves Mathieu

Founder/Director, Mission Publiques

A European practitioner will present results, methods, data and outcomes from a number of global citizen deliberations that provided public input to the United Nations and the European Space Agency. These events have engaged thousands of lay-citizens in making recommendations to share with policymakers about their priorities and values.  Methods for engagement, dissemination, and translation of results will be presented and discussed, along with plans for future citizen consultations.



David Sittenfeld

Manager, Forum Programs, Museum of Science