Dr. Gretchen Gano is a Research Professor in the Institute for Social Science Research at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her research explores how to access the creative capacities of collectives to inform science and technology (S&T) policy and management. In her empirical work, she analyzes processes that involve the public in policy debates about scientific and technical issues, known as participatory technology assessment.

Gano has conducted empirical work in major multi-institutional research projects that engaged citizens in technology assessment of the development of synthetic biology; US national space policy; nanotechnology and emerging technologies in cities; as well as in the formation of international climate, energy & biodiversity policy.

Gano is a current Research Fellow and the former Associate Director of Research at the Center for Science, Technology, Medicine & Society at the University of California Berkeley. She has coordinated research and outreach in the Center for Nanotechnology in Society (CNS-ASU) and the Consortium for Science Policy and Outcomes at Arizona State University. Gano is active in the Expert and Citizen Assessment of Science and Technology (ECAST) Network. ECAST is a U.S. network of policy research institutions, universities, and science museums working together to foster the development of balanced, nonpartisan technology assessment and related public engagement activities. She received her PhD in the Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology at Arizona State University.